Joshua Pacheco

What’s The Story?


What’s the Story? is a universal expression of mistrust. Charged by the current political climate and the mid leadership of the United States, What’s the Story? investigates conflict of information from news sources. The piece is tangible for different religions, communities, groups, and has different connotations within those groups in terms of their relationship with politics, news outlets, ethics and psychoanalytic perspectives.
It is a real world work that expresses emotions and reactions to conflicting information in real time. We invite site specific platforms to host the piece to integrate participation from an audience. Part of the experiment leads the audience to tear apart the newspapers we use and the dancers try to piece them back together.


True to You - Peggy Theater

Performed by: Josh Pacheco, Stephanie Miele, Gabriella D’Amato, Hiroko Takayasu, Bianca Megaro, and Mary Markovitz.

We do not own the rights to the music played.


Pockets of Light

The Craft NY (2018)  Mary Markovitz, Hiroko Takayasu

The Craft NY (2018)

Mary Markovitz, Hiroko Takayasu


Pockets of Light is an exploration in utilizing hand held props to illuminate and discover the bodies in space and is the second piece that Josh Pacheco has commissioned an original musical composition for. This piece began as and retains echos of a compilation of scored improvisation. Pockets of light is performed in complete (or near complete) darkness and the dancers discover themselves, then each other, then the space and decide whether or not to remain in there sector of the expanse, or venture further through the dark.


Music Collaborator


Adam Cuthbert

Composer for Pockets of Light -

Adam Cuthbért (b. 1988) is a Detroit-born sound designer, controllerist, and co-founder of the record label/collective slashsound. His work cross-breeds acoustic instruments with digital audio processes to create immersive sound worlds, evoking synthesized images of abstract environments, and has garnered notice from the the New York Times, Backstage Magazine, DJ Mag, and the San Francisco Chronicle, which finds it “hard to resist the vigor and inventiveness of his writing.”... He lives in Flatbush, Brooklyn with his wife, Rebecca, and cats, 健三 & 千代.


Choreography and Design: Josh Pacheco

Performers: Mary Markovitz, Elena Loyacono Bustos, Mia Silvestri

Music Commissioned By Josh Pacheco

Song Title: Nettle Composed by Adam Cuthbert 2future Music


I Have Something to Sa-

Split @ The Peggy Theater (2017)  Gabriella D’Amato, Neil Randolph, Hiroko Takayasu, Josh Pacheco

Split @ The Peggy Theater (2017)

Gabriella D’Amato, Neil Randolph, Hiroko Takayasu, Josh Pacheco


A commentary on self censorship and the validity of marginalized and targeted voices sharing their experiences with mixed racial prejudices, enforced stereotypes within the LGBTQ+ community, and objectification. I have something to say began as a piece driven by the traffic cones involved. When asked what those props meant, the piece completely transformed.

This work drives to speak toward the bias against mixed races and the stereotypical roles of black men in the LGBTQ+ community as well as signifies the silencing of those members of different, typically undesired body types. I have something to say also actively calls out racial prejudices of speaks against asian grouping and the desire to be seen as human before anything else; thereby demanding respect and awareness of the personal nature of identity and ethnicity. Other topics include poetry by Josh Pacheco and Gabriella D’Amato whom speak out about their anger toward the suppression of mexican culture within Pacheco’s upbringing and D’Amato’s experience with body objectification and cat calling.


Performed and Voiced by: Neil Randolph, Gabriella D’Amato, Hiroko Takayasu, Josh Pacheco

The Song and The Venom

Devices 5 - Gina Gibney Theater (2018)  Chris Tabassi, Hiroko Takayasu, Mary Markovitz, Nolan Hoppe-Leonard

Devices 5 - Gina Gibney Theater (2018)

Chris Tabassi, Hiroko Takayasu, Mary Markovitz, Nolan Hoppe-Leonard


The Song and the Venom was created for the Devices 5 Work in Progress Showcase as part of the Doug Varone Choreographer Workshop and performed at the Gibney Theater. This piece is the first draft of an abstracted response to Josh Pacheco’s upbringing in the mormon church focusing on their oppression of sexuality and identity expression.

Through duets, trios and group work, JPD attempts to construct a space where individuals struggle to ascertain their own identity and break away from a toxic group mentality. The piece is shown in two sections and tie themselves specifically to the parts of the title “The Song” and then, “the Venom.”

Performers/Collaborators: Chris Tabassi, Nolan Hoppe-Leonard, Hiroko Takayasu, Mary Markovitz, Satsu Holmes